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Welcome to the wonderful world of handmade Gnomes!

About M&M


Cute and colourful

This is us! I started Miller and Margo in the Summer of 2018. These chaps are fun, colourful and makes me smile. I love these guys and I hope you will too.


New Creations

I want to keep exploring and making these little fellas. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please drop me a line, I am open to ideas.


Homes Wanted

These guys would love a home and be able to bring a smile and joy your way too x

Mr Indian one of my favs. Isnt he lovely?

Handmade and lovingly crafted

Each is made with love, care and attention to detail. Each is unique and can be custom made.

This is Big Red, brave bold and very lovely!

100% happiness guaranteed

Whether you decide to choose one from the website or custom made, I want you to be 100% in love and happy with your purchase.

This was my christmas collection 2018

Commercial enquiries

Commercial enquiries are welcome. this is could be from a private individual or a commercial enterprise. Please contact me to discuss.

Hello, I'm Liz

These lovely handmade Swedish Gnomes are my take on these cute little chaps!

I started making the normal traditional Tomte and thought that as I love them so much I could make them my own.

Tradition tells that these Gnomes bring Luck and Happiness to a home and why not have them in your home all year round and not just at the festive season? 

They make wonderful gifts too!

These are 100% handmade and can be made to order.

Please allow 1-2 days for me to make and send these little cute chaps to you.

I lovingly make these by hand and will post each one with the same care and attention. East one is unique and not one is the same!

Don't you think these guys are adorable an time of year? I do x

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